Zack Bartlett is the VP of Communications and member of the Board of Directors of CloudCommerce, Inc.
CloudCommerce is a public company, trading on the OTC with the symbol: CLWD

Originally from Santa Barbara, California, Zack grew up immersed in art, design, surf, skateboard, and snowboard culture. He displayed strengths in project management and hard work early on in life by earning the rank of Eagle Scout at the age of 13, setting a local record.

Upon graduating from high school, Zack moved to the North Shore of Oahu to experience first hand the epicenter of surf culture and attend Brigham Young University's Hawaii campus.

At the age of 19, Zack put his education on hold to serve as a full time missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. He was sent to Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, where he quickly became fluent in Portuguese. As a missionary, Zack served in several leadership positions helping guide others among a group of over 200 missionaries. He lived abroad for two years, building houses for people in need, teaching English, and assisting with local drug addiction rehabilitation efforts.

Upon returning from Brazil, Zack transferred to Brigham Young University's main campus in Provo, Utah. At BYU, he focused all his artistic energy and dedicated his efforts to gain acceptance to BYU's prestigious graphic design program. Despite intense competition, Zack was selected from several hundred applicants to join an elite group of 8 students with portfolios deemed worthy of making the cut.

The BYU design program was led by Australian designer Adrian Pulfer, a former pillar of the 1980's New York design movement. Pulfer directed his elite 8 students in a "pressure cooker" style environment, engaging students with intense critique, real-world client involvement, with a live business network. In this program, Zack had the opportunity to study with the masters, contemporary legends of the world of graphic design, including Pushpin Studios Founder Milton Glaser, New York Times creative director Steven Heller, Packaging designer Louise Fili, founders William Drenttel and Jessica Helfand, and American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA) president, Debbie Millman. Within the BYU design program, Zack also had the opportunity to travel to New York, where he spent time in the offices of Martha Stewart's Real Simple magazine publication, McGarry-Bowen advertising agency, the design headquarters of Johnson and Johnson, Kate Spade, Jack Spade, and Winterhouse studio in Falls Village, Connecticut. While still at BYU, Zack's work was published in the book, Design School Confidential, by Steven Heller and Lita Talarico.

After receiving his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Graphic Design from BYU, Zack worked at Axiom Design in Salt Lake City, (Now Struck/Axiom group) contributing to branding and feature film motion graphics projects for 20th Century Fox, Warner Brothers, and Universal Pictures.

Zack also worked at Hint Creative in Salt Lake City, designing brand assets for clients including American Eagle Outfitters, Aerie, DC Shoes, Johnson & Johnson, Monavie, HSN, 1-800 Contacts and Rodan + Fields.

Later, Zack became art director at Demon International, a growing snowboard accessories company. As a typographic expert and branding specialist, Zack influenced every aspect of Demon's public-facing presence, from developing entire product lines including graphics, patterns, illustrations, and 3D industrial design, to sourcing models and photographers and art directing photo shoots.

In 2008, Zack founded his own company, Crowbar Studios. As a boutique design agency, Crowbar Studios offered a broad range of creative services, including brand identity design, advertising design, packaging design, industrial design, web design and development, and app development, eventually narrowing the focus over the years to general web design work. Regarding the aggressive name of the company, Zack would later describe: "The concept of the crowbar came from an internal desire and strong will to break into the industry on my own. When I started out, it was just me against the world, I did all the sales approaches myself, and I heard a lot of no's, but I just kept prying open the box and eventually found success. The crowbar is a symbol of the will power it takes to never give up... ever."

In 2010, Zack teamed up with business partner Andrew Van Noy to create side project, "PageTransformer". Together Zack and Andrew developed cutting edge app technologies which converted printed publications into digital iPad tablet layouts, and optimized websites for mobile iPhone oriented screen sizes. The PageTransformer company quickly gained clients of it's own, transforming and modernizing businesses.

In 2011, PageTransformer caught the attention of Warp 9, a publicly traded, Santa Barbara based eCommerce and IT firm. Founded in 1996, Warp 9 had traditionally provided web design and development services, ecommerce online store software, email marketing, and enterprise web hosting. Zack later described the experince: "At that time Warp 9's board of directors was looking for two things: first was some exciting new technology, and second was a need for a plan of succession to replace the old management. It turned out that Andrew and I were those missing pieces." Thus, in the fall of 2011, Warp 9 acquired and licensed the PageTransformer technology, and hired Andrew Van Noy as new President and CEO and Zack Bartlett as VP of Operations.

Upon joining the Warp 9 team, Zack was tasked with bringing the company up to speed with current industry best practices. Initial challenges were presented with Warp 9's clients' websites all residing on a legacy ecommerce software platform, which would only function on in-house servers at the company's single data center in the Santa Barbara facility. Part of modernizing the company was to re-platform these websites to a modern software platform and move them from the in-house data center to a network of modern cloud based virtual servers. Over the course of two years, Zack worked tirelessly with the Warp 9 team to make this happen.

Warp 9 became a state-of-the-art operation with all services and processes residing in the cloud, and used industry standard open-source Magento Enterprise based ecommerce software. As a service company, Warp 9's core strength was in implementing reliable, quick, and cost effective solutions. Zack added his own personal background in the creative services industry to Warp 9, which included valuable experience in large scale project management, rush work, and an artistic flair to output attractive, professional interactive presentations.

In early 2015, together with the other members of the Warp 9 Board of Directors and company management, Zack contributed to the development of a plan for rapid growth, by acquiring other e-commerce companies. The initial stage of the plan was to find a suitable target that was similar enough to the Warp 9 operation by nature of the services they provide and company culture, with the intent of merging the 2 companies together, and then pursuing additional separate acquisitions. Over the course of the year an extensive search was performed. Together with CEO Andrew Van Noy, Zack embarked on various trips around the country to visit the potential acquisition targets. Eventually a deal was reached, and in October of 2015, two big announcements were made: First, that Warp 9 would change it's name to CloudCommerce, Inc. And second, CloudCommerce had reached an agreement to acquire a company in Denver called "The Indaba Group". Much like the old Warp 9, Indaba provided Magento e-commerce solutions to online merchant clients, but with additional expertise in other e-commerce platforms such as BigCommerce, SAP Hybris, and ORO commerce. Indaba was also much larger in size than Warp 9. When all was said and done, after the name change of the parent company, and the merging of clients and teams of employees, the resulting output was a considerably scaled company. While historically the old Warp 9 had typically averaged about $1 million dollars per year in revenue, the new company's consolidated financials showed roughly $3 million dollars per year in revenue.

Moving forward, the parent company now named CloudCommerce continues to pursue additional acquisition targets, and Zack Bartlett has moved to a different role as VP of Corporate Communications. As leader of this division of the parent company, Zack has coordinated investor relations efforts, arranged media interviews for CEO Andrew Van Noy to appear on in outlets such as TastyTrade and MoneyTV. Zack provided creative direction and lead the production of CloudCommerce TV commercials which have aired nationally, he coordinates all corporate social media and press release activities, and assists in networking efforts in finding and targeting new future acquisition candidates.

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